There have been seven Mashup-Germany sampler and one Best Of Album so far.
You can download them for free!

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CD1 (Inlay)
CD2 (Inlay)

I’m very happy to present you the ninth Mashup-Germany album/sampler. “UPPERS & DOWNERS” has 31 mashups on it, which are mixed from 170 songs. I want to thank the artists of these original tracks, because there would be no mashup without any original music. Please support the artists you like and buy their music, otherwise their won’t be much more music from these artists!
There are also two mixes of the both CDs coming with the album. The new promo mix will be out in early March!
The “UPPERS & DOWNERS” tour will start soon and we’ve already put the first dates online. Many, many more to come!
Now enjoy the power of mashup and spread the word!


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Mashup-Germany - Die Neuland LP (Cover)

Here it is.
Mashup-Germany – Vol.8 “Die Neuland LP”
Bringing you 17 hot mashups!
Some new edits and some brand new bootlegs!


Promotion only.
Please support the artists you like and buy their music.

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2012 has been an amazing year!

Top of the Pops 2011 blew up, Mashup-Booking was founded, release of “Back to the future” , first gig in Israel, release of MAOP, the start of the new Mashup-Germany online radio, a new website and now the release of my seventh album “Made in Germany”!
Since “Back to the future” was focused mainly on international mashups, I’ve decided that “Made in Germany” should contain more German artists. So don’t be suprised, if you can’t understand some of the lyrics. Special thanks goes out to Skeewiff, which provided some of the Instrumentals for the album. He is an awesome musician, please check out his work!
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Thanks for all the support and this crazy, crazy year!

To the next step.



Artwork by Basti Wienecke.

Cro – Maop

Friday, 07. September 2012 in der Kategorie Alben News

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Cro is a young German raoper (he created raop = rap + pop) and is very successful with his first album “Raop”. Now some of the best German mashup producers came together to produce
the “Maop” album. Cro in da mash! Maybe something not just for the Germans out there…enjoy!

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Here it is! The sixth Mashup-Germany album featuring 10 brand new tracks and ten 10 mashups that have been released within the past months.
The album also contains two official mashups of the song “Wenn sich der Nebel verzieht” by the german/austrian reggae superstars Mono & Nikitaman and Gentleman. Big upz to them and Rootdown Records“>Rootdown Records for the support!
I put a lot of work and even more love in the creation of this album.
I hope you will hear and feel that. You should also check out mashups, that you know already, because I remastered some of them and changed little bits and pieces.
Enjoy the time travel!


Voice by RickLee / Artwork by JSterz.




01 – Back to the future (Intro)

02 – Where is my good feeling

03 – What does it take to face drop

04 – Wenn sich der Nebel verzieht (Official Rock Rework)

05 – Got 2 luv lazy Michel Teló

06 – Learn to be alright

07 – Set the world on fire

08 – It will rain and sex candy

09 – Every teardrop has a super bass

10 – I’m glad you came

11 – Starships Dance Floor Porn

12 – Numb Encore 2012

13 – Some Blue I used to know

14 – Paradise (Infinity and you know it) [Radio Edit] (Soundcloud link is the Extended Mix)

15 – Leider geil (Arbeit nervt)

16 – Top of the Pops 2011 (What The Fuck)

17 – Who knew someone like you…

18 – Fixing Titanium

19 – Time to reflect

20 – Wenn sich der Nebel verzieht (As long as you love me) [Bonus Track]

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Best of Mashup-Germany 2008-2011

Exactly three years ago, I’ve uploaded my first mashup video to youtube. I used the account “BenStilller” and the name “Mashup-Germany” (delusion of grandeur?). My first production were pretty bad, but fortunately they improved over time. Soon later my youtube channel started to lift off. Within two years it had over 12 million views and this was when WMG decided to close it down due to copyright claims. Of course I was angry, I put so much work into it, but it didn’t stop me from producing mashups. True passion is true passion! Today I am supported by many labels, artists and last but not least by you guys! has over 2000 unique visitors every day and you guys are REALLY unique! During my Mash Mob tour I’ve travelled half the world from Brazil to Russia and got to meet many of you guys. We talked and partied a lot and shared our love for music and life. To thank you guys for all that love, I’ve decided to put a Best of Mashup-Germany 2008-2011 sampler together. I chose 54 of my favourite mashups and revisited or remastered some of them. CD1 and CD2 are almost all mashups in English language. CD3 is mostly German. You can choose to either download the CDs one by one or download them all together in one big file.
Thank you for all your support and enjoy the music!



Best of Mashup-Germany 2008-2011 – CD1
Best of Mashup-Germany 2008-2001 CD1 Cover

Mashup-Germany – Best of 2008-2011 – CD2

Best of Mashup-Germany 2008-2001 CD2 Cover

Mashup-Germany – Best of 2008-2011 – CD3 (Sportfreunde Stilller)


German Mashups only!

Best of Mashup-Germany 2008-2001 CD3 Cover

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Let’s go!
Mashup-Germany – Vol.5 – Mash Mob out now!
You can download either the whole album or the single tracks only.
MASH MOB combines over 200 Songs into 36 Mashups.
I’ve also produced a new Promo mix, which you can listen to here:


Download via MEGA:

Download via Zippyshare: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Download via Divshare: Part1 Part2 Part3

You can also download the single tracks by clicking on them in the list.

Get ready to be part of the MASH MOB and enjoy!

Mash Mob – CD1
CD 1 – Cover
CD 1 – Sample list

01. Mashup-Germany – Seine Meinung
02. Mashup-Germany – Mash Mob Intro
03. Mashup-Germany – Stereo Dynamite Mini Mix
04. Mashup-Germany – Mash Mob Vibez
05. Mashup-Germany – Outta Space like a G6 (Dirty Bit)
06. Mashup-Germany – Who dat Joli Garcon
07. Mashup-Germany – Club can’t handle use somebody
08. Mashup-Germany – Boom Boom Demmi 2
09. Mashup-Germany – Dubstep Mike (Bow Chicka Wow Wow)
10. Mashup-Germany – One starry Memory
11. Mashup-Germany – I’ll be missing you (Don’t raise your glass)
12. Mashup-Germany – Top of the Pops 2010 (Too many Earworms)
13. Mashup-Germany – I just came to say hello
14. Mashup-Germany – Uprising Kidz
15. Mashup-Germany – The Adele Mars Legend
16. Mashup-Germany – Noch en bisschen Tanzen (Bootleg Mini Mix)

Mash Mob – CD2
CD 2 – Cover
CD 2 – Sample list

01. Mashup-Germany – Get ready to be part of the Mash Mob
02. Mashup-Germany – Benny Hill Interplay
03. Mashup-Germany – Kein Bock auf Nazis (Reggae Allstars)
04. Mashup-Germany – Hold yuh (Reggae Allstars)
05. Mashup-Germany – Hey Jude, I’ll be there
06. Mashup-Germany – 99 Somma im Kiez (Nena Candela Live)
07. Mashup-Germany – Just got enough
08. Mashup-Germany – Naive Snow (Love the way you lie Part2)
09. Mashup-Germany – Mash it up (2012)
10. Mashup-Germany – Somebody to lean on
11. Mashup-Germany – Calling a wonderful life
12. Mashup-Germany – Slow memories
13. Mashup-Germany – Philipp Poisel meets Matisyahu
14. Mashup-Germany – Endboss Shoop
15. Mashup-Germany – Jamaram in the brain
16. Mashup-Germany – Goodbye Bon Voyage
17. Mashup-Germany – My Bitter Cheap Symphony (Still Sweet)

Intro video produced by:
Damian Kaczmarek
Max von Vegten

Rick Lee / Christian Engels

Jonathan Sterz

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It’s 6pm.
Time for a revolution.

Rapidshare (Rar): PART1 PART2 PART3

Hotfile (Rar): PART1 PART2 PART3

Megaupload (zip): HERE

Zippyshare: PART1 PART2 PART3

Dropbox: PART1 PART2 PART3

40 years ago Rock’n'Roll changes the world. It changed the way people thought.
The Rock’n'Roll of the 21. century are Mashups.
They unite people and they pull down walls between people with different backgrounds.
Mashups are more than a music genre. It’s a way of living.
Be tolerant and open to everything and everyone that passes your way in your life.
Live your ideas and ideals and be creative.
Don’t let your government or your society allow deny your freedom in lifeor your personal evolution of creativity.
It’s about time that we stand up as the GENERATION MASHUP to tell the world what’s going on.
The only way to survive for a knowledge-based society is to allow and support creativity.
Go out there and explain to your neighbours, your local politicans and your friends what mashups and the future of our society is about.
It’s time for a revolution!
This is what I am fighting for and I know that I am not alone.
Let the revolution begin.
In your heads and in your hearts.

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PIrate's Poetry Cover

Arhhh your prepared for Mashup-Germany – Vol.3?
I’m very happy to present to you “Pirate’s Poetry”, a collection of 200 Tracks mixed in 34 Mashups.
Many unreleased Mixes and some already known Tracks that I’ve created over the past five months.
This was a lot of work and I hope that you guys like it.
Enjoy the journey.



Mashup-Germany – Vol.3 – Pirate’s Poetry

CD1 (Pirate’s Dance)
01. Mashup-Germany – Pirate’s Poetry Intro (3:45)
02. Mashup-Germany – Let me entermash you (3:54)
03. Mashup-Germany – Sample Skank (3:31)
04. Mashup-Germany – We are Golden, Darlin’ (4:59)
05. Mashup-Germany – RemmiDemmi die ganze Nacht (Clean Edit) (4:04)
06. Mashup-Germany – Sexy Bitch in Memphis (3:49)
07. Mashup-Germany – I gotta feeling since you’ve been gone (3:16)
08. Mashup-Germany – I know you want Boom Boom Disko (2:43)
09. Mashup-Germany – Walking on Mashups (3:41)
10. Mashup-Germany – Shut up and get funky (2:51)
11. Mashup-Germany – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Everything’s gonna be alright) (4:12)
12. Mashup-Germany – Down with all the sober freaks (4:09)
13. Mashup-Germany – Give my generation to me (Smith&Smart Promo Track) (3:10)
14. Mashup-Germany – Glamorous Alf 2010 (2:09)
15. Mashup-Germany – Love Shakes Everything (2:59)
16. Mashup-Germany – Untouched Wonderwall (3:36)
17. Mashup-Germany – Time for sky and sand now (3:52)

 CD2 (Pirate’s Love)
01. Mashup-Germany – Thoughts of Kingston Town (3:45)
02. Mashup-Germany – I love mysterious College (3:54)
03. Mashup-Germany – Stadtgorillaz (3:38)
04. Mashup-Germany – Dicke B-Boys and Beginner-Girls (3:38)
05. Mashup-Germany – Don’t worry, I’m yours (3:15)
06. Mashup-Germany – Ayo Halfway (3:30)
07. Mashup-Germany – No Runaway Scrubs (4:26)
08. Mashup-Germany – Tattoo in the Middle (2:29)
09. Mashup-Germany – Angels on Fire (4:25)
10. Mashup-Germany – Where’red you go (3:54)
11. Mashup-Germany – Can we Change? (4:38)
12. Mashup-Germany – Everybody’s free at last? (Kann alles besser werden?) (4:32)
13. Mashup-Germany – Dry your Russian Halo (3:56)
14. Mashup-Germany – Miss my Starlight (Hey Oh) (3:29)
15. Mashup-Germany – LOVE (Cheesy Style) (4:04)
16. Mashup-Germany – Stay another Day ‘n’ Night (4:27)
17. Mashup-Germany – I want that Seeed to quit playing with my heart (3:52)

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Mashup-Germany – Vol.2 – GENERATION MASHUP

After the Release of Mashup-Germany – Vol.1 “Introducing BenStilller” I’m proud to present you my next Sampler. I put over 200 Tracks in my Mashup-Mixer, turned it on and here is the result…
It was a looooot of work and I hope it was worth it.
Hope you guys like it.


Mashup-Germany – Vol.2 – CD1
1. Mashup-Germany – Intro (Generation Mashup) (1:01)
2. Mashup-Germany – Ben Stilller ist not my fucking name (3:17)
3. Mashup-Germany – Without black or white (3:14)
4. Mashup-Germany – Poker Face (The Autoscooter Möped Mash) (3:49)
5. Mashup-Germany – I want the black eye of the tiger back (3:35)
6. Mashup-Germany – Yeah, Big day to be born with love (3:18)
7. Mashup-Germany – Find time to care about the numb Gold Digger (2:41)
8. Mashup-Germany – My girl will change Hamma, hammerhart (3:20)
9. Mashup-Germany – Another senseless Dance Song (3:45)
10. Mashup-Germany – I gotta feeling when the sun is shining (4:52)
11. Mashup-Germany – Since we are le people (4:41)
12. Mashup-Germany – Is there any wonder why the world is mine (3:06)
13. Mashup-Germany – Alles so boom boom pow neu (3:12)
14. Mashup-Germany – Monster Mashing Day ‘n’ Night (3:16)
15. Mashup-Germany – Chelsea simple (2:48)
16. Mashup-Germany – Nicke mit dem Beat (Remastered) (5:08)

Mashup-Germany – Vol.2 – CD2
1. Mashup-Germany – Good Morning (Intro CD2) (1:20)
2. Max Herre – Erste Liebe (Mashup-Germany Reggae Edit) (3:42)
3. Mashup-Germany – Imagine the heartless (5:12)
4. Mashup-Germany – Changes (Reggae Allstars Riddim Blend) (3:26)
5. Mashup-Germany – Bouncing Backstreet (2:57)
6. Mashup-Germany – Finished Symphony (4:28)
7. Mashup-Germany – Remember fakin the funk (2:54)
8. Mashup-Germany – Sometimes I feel like ice ice baby (3:45
9. Mashup-Germany – I wish I was Klar (Improved Version) (3:16)
10. Mashup-Germany – Fill my little World with Mockingbirds (3:35)
11. Mashup-Germany – Soul Saint Tropez (3:36)
12. Mashup-Germany – I wannabe like like rockin monks (Schubidu) (1:55)
13. Mashup-Germany – Bon voyage under the sea (3:13)
14. Blumio – Antigewaltsong (Mashup-Germany Grand Groove Edit) (4:32)
15. Mashup-Germany – Hahaha (3:05)
16. Mashup-Germany – Und wenn die Lieder (4:20)
17. Mashup-Germany – Various Reflections of Love (4:25)

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Mashup-Germany – Vol.1 – Introducing BenStilller

This is the Mashup-Germany – Vol.1 Sampler with many of my 2008/2009 Mash-ups.
Over 130 Songs in 32 unique Mashups you won’t hear anywhere else. From some of my early Mashups such as “Peter Fox vs. Ting Tings vs…” to unreleased stuff such as “Scouting for Jan Delay” or “One Republic vs. Mr. Vegas”. Enjoy.



Mashup-Germany – Vol. 1 – CD1
1. Mashup-Germany (M&N) – Intro (0:46)
2. Peter Fox vs. Ting Tings vs.. – Der letzte Tag (4:01)
3. Mashup-Germany – Macht Alarm! (Reggae Allstars) (3:37)
4. Mashup-Germany – Just a release (Reggae Allstars) (3:16)
5. Mashup-Germany – Give Thanks (Reggae Allstars) (4:24)
6. Mashup-Germany – Think! (Reggae Allstars) (4:10)
7. Peter Fox vs. Della Reese – House am See (3:30)
8. Peter Fox vs. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Schüttel deinen Speck vs. Tell me baby (2:59)
9. Peter Deichkind – Alles RemmiDemmi (3:52)
10. Deichkind – Hovercraft (Mashup-Germany Edit) (4:07)
11. Deichkind vs. Stardust – Music sounds better with Limit (Mashup-Germany) (3:04)
12. Sido – Herz (Mashup-Germany Jackson Edit) (4:31)
13. Matisyahu vs. The Lion King – Time of your song vs. Circle of life (4:37)
14. Mashup-Germany – I have a dream (Think King only Edit) (2:26)
15. One Republic vs. Mr Vegas – Mery Tamale (3:58)

Mashup-Germany – Vol. 1 – CD2
1. MGMT vs. Daft Punk vs. Fanta4 vs. Just Jack – Troy Kids make it harder stronger better faster (Mashup-Germany) (5:40)
2. Just Jack vs. Gentleman – Embers da City (Mashup-Germany) (3:25)
3. Mashup-Germany – I gotta get funky (2:59)
4. Mashup Germany – Top of the Pops 2008 (2:57)
5. Mashup-Germany – Love is when you call the Ding Sexyback (3:35)
6. Mashup-Germany – Save the senseless pop song tonight (3:24)
7. Scouting for Jan Delay – I wish I was Klar (Mashup-Germany) (3:31)
8. Mashup-Germany – Nicke mit dem Beat (5:08)
9. Mashup-Germany – The Trashy Tung Twista Track (33 Tracks in One) (3:20)
10. K’naan vs Method Man vs. Eminem vs. BEP – In the high beginning (3:00)
11. Will.I.Am – It’s a new day (Mashup-Germany Edit) (3:37)
12. Mashup-Germany – Direkt überm Boden fängt der Himmel an (4:07)
13. Mashup-Germany – The Killers vs. Germany (6:05)
14. James Morrison vs. The Killers vs. Freundeskreis – The Pieces don’t fit Mr. Brightside anymore (Mashup-Germany) (4:18)
15. Michael Jackson vs. Soulja Boy – Crank That Earth Song (Mashup-Germany) (4:18)
16. Duffy vs. Ti – What you know about rain on your parade (3:25)
17. Mashup-Germany – Jaming with Snoop (3:48)